Elly Oh is one of the most versatile musicians, song writers and performers in the music industry today.


Elly has performed for many celebrities including His Excellency General The Hon. Sir Peter John Cosgrove, The Melbourne Storm, Ms. Margie Abbott and Ms. Sophia Loren to name a few and has acted alongside Jack Thompson and Brendan Cowell in the iconic Australian film, Ruben Guthrie. 


After 2 years of writing her own original material with a number of producers in which she has bared the pain and the triumphs of her journey so far, Elly Oh is set to release her debut single 'Real Men Cry' on 15th April 2016. She is traveling to the UK to promote the single with various performances in London, plus a nationwide radio tour alongside a number of other promotional events.


The poignant self-penned track is a song close to Elly’s heart, as a tribute to the moment she first saw her father cry, when she left her South Korean home to pursue her singing career in Australia.


Elly Oh writes from the heart, and this single is no exception. Growing up in a culture where it wasn’t social acceptable for men to show emotion, Elly Oh wants to tell the world that it’s okay for men to express how they feel, whether it be tears of joy or of anguish.


To launch the single Elly Oh has also released a cinematic music video on Vevo in which she bares her heart and soul and takes fans on an emotional journey. Her raw talent alone is guaranteed to give listeners chills.


Watch the music video below



Born in South Korea in the city of Incheon, Elly Oh has been in the music industry for over 10 years. She first discovered her passion for music when she was 18 years old after volunteering to sing to an old patient at the hospital where the nurse thought Elly had an amazing voice. She later studied opera from the local opera teacher in Incheon, after her parents suggested it to her as a means of providing Elly with a foundation for singing.


After studying Bachelor of Opera at the University of Hanyang in South Korea, Elly moved to Italy to pursue her opera career and complete a diploma of Opera.


Elly has performed at various Opera events including places in Italy, Korea and also in Sydney. She has won various awards for her Opera abilities including first prize in the McDonalds Opera competition (World Song).


After moving to Sydney, Australia Elly has changed her vocal style to pop as she enjoyed the upbeat music. She is currently teaching students to sing in a private studio based on her Opera techniques as well as performing the occasional special event.




In May 2014, Elly Oh was shot into the limelight after wowing The Voice Australia judges within the first 5 seconds of her blind audition. The four celebrity judges were blown away by the unrivalled talent of Elly Oh, with saying the artist “has a big and powerful voice” and Ricky Martin, who would go on to become her mentor, saying that she “is blessed with a beautiful gift.” As one of that series favourite finalists, Elly Oh seemed to have come from nowhere, but her talent has been shaping itself for years.